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Previous Conferences

2023: Embracing Hope Through Movement (98th Annual)

2022: All That Glitters is Not Gold: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Title IX (97th Annual)

2021: Leadership is Not Just a Title: Learning, Listening, Living (96th Annual)

2020: NA

2019: Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Claiming Space in Sports (95th Annual)

2018: Reflecting on the Past to Revolutionize the Future (94th Annual)

2017: Nevertheless, She Persisted: Embracing Social Justice in Kinesiology and Sport (93rd Annual)

2016: Paying It Forward and Giving Back: In Classrooms, Labs, and on Fields of Play (92nd Annual)

2015: Countdown to 100: A Decade of Change (91st Annual)

2014: GroundBreakers, RuleBreakers, and RecordBreakers (90th Annual)

2013: Active Girls, Empowered Women (89th Annual)

2012: Title IX at 40 (88th Annual)

2011: Instant Messages? Women’s Sport and Physical Activity in the Face of New Media (87th Annual)

2010: Alive and Kicking: Committing to Community (86th Annual)

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