The 96th Annual WSPECW Conference

Our in-person conference has been cancelled for this Fall. We were fortunate to make this decision early when we had only placed a small deposit on the venue. Even better, conference manager, Alison Ede, has worked successfully with Asilomar to rollover our security deposit from this year into next year’s conference. This means that for now, we are planning to have our in-person conference in Fall 2022 at Asilomar Conference Grounds.

Like many of you, we are disappointed we will not have an in-person conference this Fall. However, we are still making space for us to come together. In lieu of an in-person meeting, we have decided to have a virtual conference on November 18-19, 2021. The conference planning committee, including Chair Josie Blagrave and committee members Jo Morrissey, Laura Petranek, Shelley Lucas, and Emily Houghton, met in early March to discuss the details.


The conference will kick off Thursday afternoon with a 2-hour session followed by a "full-ish" day on Friday. We will replicate several of our in-person elements (scholarly presentations, keynote speaker, workshop, breaks) in a way that makes sense in a virtual format. The conference theme will be as proposed for last year’s conference, “Leadership is Not Just a Title: Learning, Listening, and Living”, which was inspired in part by female presidents being hired at three of our institutions. Dr. Lynn Mahoney, President at San Francisco State University, has again agreed to be our keynote speaker. I am grateful to her for making the time and excited to hear what she has to say, especially after this year (!).