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The "Society" was founded in 1921 and is a non profit, professional organization with voluntary membership that provides a forum to address and act on issues and concerns of women in physical education and human movement related disciplines in higher education from the following geographical areas: the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, and the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Canada. Organizational membership is no longer tied to geographical location.

Kinesiology and its related disciplines face new institutional challenges in the 21st century. So too, the issues and concerns around sex, gender, and sexuality has evolved and shifted. WSPECW is ideally situated to lead kinesiology disciplines in the work for gender justice, as its members work across disciplinary lines to address the concerns of those most marginalized in sport, exercise, and physical activity settings.


Mission Statement

As members of this Society, we commit to:

  • Empower one another by sharing our collective knowledge.
  • Validate and respect similarities and differences among women and promote equity.
  • Enhance interpersonal communication for developing self-esteem, stimulating personal growth and promoting professional advancement.
  • Recognize and acknowledge women's leadership abilities and enhance skills for assuming professional leadership roles.
  • Proactively address professional issues which directly impact the lives of women.
  • Cooperate with other organizations whose purposes are in accord with or support those of Western Society.
  • WSPECW recognizes and is committed to the realization of the value in diversity. The educational, professional and social growth of all of us is enhanced by the full participation of persons of diverse ethnic, cultural, social, physical, and economic status in the life of the university or college.
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