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Hello and welcome to the Western Society for Physical Education of College Women (WSPECW) website.


Ninety years ago, a handful of female Physical Education directors from various west coast colleges and universities met in Oakland, California to discuss and strategize women’s place in the field. Nearly a century later, female college physical educators and those within departments of Kinesiology continue the work of early Society members. As a professional organization our aim is to mentor all members, regardless of their specific area of interest or expertise within Kinesiology and related fields. In addition, we work to promote inclusiveness, diversity, and equal opportunities within Kinesiology and higher education more generally.


Our annual conference gives us an opportunity to connect with old friends as well as initiate relationships with new members. With each conference we hope to create a space where members can make enriching and empowering connections with others in the field.


We hope you’ll join the historic membership of Western Society at this year’s meeting at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in beautiful Pacific Grove, California. We look forward to seeing you there!









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    Conference 2018

    Conference 2018